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Did I miss the beginning of the school year?

Yup, I got carried away by the kitchen renovations, but I have a good excuse though. The renovation concerned new tiles on the floor, redoing the ceiling, new kitchen elements and a new cooking island, that didn’t exist, with electricity for the oven and the stove. Add to that the fact that the kitchen and dining room are an open space which meant tiling much more than just a kitchen size room. Changes brought more changes so we also decided to renovate the walls of the dining room…

In a word, the kitchen is done apart from the counter top for the cooking island that hasn’t been delivered yet. Tiling is also finished but the new walls for the dining room will have to wait. Holidays are over, back to work!!! Monday morning I finally went back to my studio.

Next month Olga and I will be in Madrid with our Elegant Connections for the last time (unless for a special offer)… I had to dive into that very rich technique to make sure I hadn’t forgotten the « how to ». I seem OK!

Then I also got back to my new tryptic brooches that I will present for the first time next January in Belgium with my dear friend Liselot Henderyckx (still a few spots left by the way). I reduced their size and like them just as much.

And since yesterday I have been working on a new model of bracelet matching the earrings scheduled for Bristol next March. It is very light, full of angles and the technique is so thrilling that I have a second one in the oven already!

I think I did well for a first week back, didn’t I ?



Almost ready

OMG things are going so fast! I feel like I came back home from Rome yesterday but I am leaving again next week. This time it will be for Maribor, Slovenia for the Art Trade event hosted by the delicious Mihaela Vindis. I will be honored to hold three workshops there.

Polymer on metal
Polymer on metal, mismatched earrings

As soon as I come home, off I go to Normandie for a workshop with the sweet Olga Nicolas, organized by the sparkling Karine Lucas.

This is why it has been so busy in my studio the past three weeks and why I have lacked time for taking pictures of all this work…

But now that I am almost ready here are a few pictures straight from the factory. There are new things and less new that I had to remember how to do before handing it over to my students…

Elegant Connections
Hollow earrings
Hollow ring

See you soon!


Variable geometry?

It’s after seing a folded metal bracelet that I created the bracelet I will be teaching in Rome next February. The most difficult in this project was to find a baking support easy to make and use so that I could teach this.

Later this bracelet led me to creating hollow geometrical earrings as well as this architectural ring. I realized the possibilities were endless when thinking of various new shapes.

But it is only recently; when seeking new shapes for earrings or hollow beads that I came up with this new bracelet with captivating geometrical lines.

I remain fascinated by the incredible possibilities this building technique offers and I wonder if it has an end… I think the only way to know is to keep searching. That sounds like a fine program for the end of the year!!!

I’ll grab this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Evolution or revolution?


By nature, we are constantly evolving even though it is often barely perceptible. It reflects in our view of things that is no longer that of our teen age years, in the way we dress, behave, in our work…
It shows up in a desire for a change of visual appearance, of home, of furniture, of people we frequent. And in all this there are the changes that are provoked and those that are undergone.
The brutal stop of CraftArtEdu is one of those that we suffer. But since the news was sad enough, I thought I had to react and make it a positive change. So, pushed by the gentle but so combative Olga and my encouraging husband , I too took the bull by the horns. And if a change was to be made why not start from scratch to make this new place closer to my desires and especially to your expectations?

I changed everything, well almost: the name of the site, its url, its aspect, its functions. But I kept the essential, its memory. You will find there all the articles of the old site but also:

-a picture gallery organized by collections,
-a calendar of my trips,
-a translation for english speaking polymer clayers (and that I will try to update as often as possible),
-and finally a shop in which I will have the pleasure to offer you all my old and future classes.

Of course all this is a huge job of setting up, hours of downloading, and it will take me some time for you to find here what was to be found on CAE.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering this new site  just as I enjoyed arranging it to make you feel good.

See you soon…

Elegant connections again…

Long before polymer clay,  it was the painting that occupied my time. I did a lot of watercolors, then acrylics and some oil attempts. Essentially still lifes or landscapes. Modern Art? Not too much, until three or four years ago, walking in a wide known french decoration store. There I discover a canvas that left me open-mouthed. The colors, the material the movement, in short I liked everything . So much so that my darling offered it to me for my birthday (yes he’s a darling and I’ll keep him).

This canvas inspired me a bracelet a few years ago and more recently the latest necklace of the collaborative collection with beautiful Olga Nicolas.

Well believe me or not but it happened again. I was searching the net to see new canvases of the said store (which hardly does any more) and so I googled “Modern Art” and landed (smoothly enough) on Pinterest on This painting:

…and I fell in love…ouch this time it hurt!

First thought??? What would it look like on pieces of the Elegant Connections? Well here is what it looks like:

I have the impression that I am reconnecting with my youthful loves by painting with polymer, no ?!

Don’t forget that Olga and I offer two courses on the Elegant Connections series in June. Below are two posters with the information. We are impatiently waiting for you.

Elegant Connections…one click to change it all.

When my two pair of earrings…

Boucles d'oreilles Elégantes connections

Decide to combine with common black pieces and elegant connections …

Pièces diverses Elégantes Connections

they swagger into an original necklace…

Collier Elégantes Connections

or stand shoulder to shoulder to turn into an architectural brooch.

Broche Elégantes Connections

This new series is the result of an extraordinary friendship with sweet Olga Nicolas. A friendship that has turned into a beautiful collaboration. We worked a lot around a technique that would enable to transform random pieces in just a few clicks, into earrings, necklaces, brooches etc … using elegant connectors of which we will reveal the secret only during workshops.

Two are already planned this year:

The first one in Orthez June 3, 4 and 5th (For info, contact Céline Perret: )

The second in Utrecht (Netherlands) June 24 and 25th (for all information contact Noortje Kuhlman: )

Out of the Box

This is a phrase that can be heard regularly. The first time I really wondered what it meant, think “out of the box” ??? What the hell is that ????

And then I realized that  it was a matter of drawing deeply into one’s self. Of expressing, artistically as far as I am concerned, what one often fails to materialize in words. Yes, but it is much easier said than done, because we are too often constrained by our education, the gaze of others, the carcans of society … In short not easy to drop everything, to strip down (artistically of course …) and to let free the emotions, the desires, the inspiration.

It took me 10 years of polymer claying to finally create a piece like this. Some people will be surprised and will wonder which bug has stung me, some people will not like it, others will not understand … But in the end, what matters most is how this project got me Transported by joy. While I knew myself very far from my comfort zone, I was transported with pleasure and I dove in without knowing if the final object could transpose the euphoria of its creation. And just for that pleasure, it was well worth it.

Out of the box 2

I share this moment with you hoping to have managed to express in writing what I felt by creating “Out of the Box.

Out of the box 4

Out of the box 6

Thank you.