A painting on your neck

Just before deciding to entirely redo our kitchen (by the way next time I have such an idea, please shoot me…) I had time to play with an idea (much more reasonable this time) that had been on my mind for a while.

I had imagined a brooch that would look like some of the tryptic paintings and wall hangings you can see. They are most often composed of several elements of variable shapes that succeed one another and sometimes even overlap each other. I also wanted to dig further into the interchangeability of these elements as this is a topic dear to my heart.

I first had to work on paper templates to see if this was doable. Then I used the computer and my « Silhouette » machine to cut them in plastic so they would be reusable. Last I could get to the clay table, the nicest part of the process.

So here are two brooches that can be worn as necklaces, thanks to Bettina Welker’s tip. Each piece can change places and be turned upside down as wanted.

I find them captivating like mini Modern Art paintings and this is really what I had in mind.

Sorry, I have to go now, the tiles, ceiling and paint are waiting for me…(Help!)

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