Did I miss the beginning of the school year?

Yup, I got carried away by the kitchen renovations, but I have a good excuse though. The renovation concerned new tiles on the floor, redoing the ceiling, new kitchen elements and a new cooking island, that didn’t exist, with electricity for the oven and the stove. Add to that the fact that the kitchen and dining room are an open space which meant tiling much more than just a kitchen size room. Changes brought more changes so we also decided to renovate the walls of the dining room…

In a word, the kitchen is done apart from the counter top for the cooking island that hasn’t been delivered yet. Tiling is also finished but the new walls for the dining room will have to wait. Holidays are over, back to work!!! Monday morning I finally went back to my studio.

Next month Olga and I will be in Madrid with our Elegant Connections for the last time (unless for a special offer)… I had to dive into that very rich technique to make sure I hadn’t forgotten the « how to ». I seem OK!

Then I also got back to my new tryptic brooches that I will present for the first time next January in Belgium with my dear friend Liselot Henderyckx (still a few spots left by the way). I reduced their size and like them just as much.

And since yesterday I have been working on a new model of bracelet matching the earrings scheduled for Bristol next March. It is very light, full of angles and the technique is so thrilling that I have a second one in the oven already!

I think I did well for a first week back, didn’t I ?



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