Elegant connections again…

Long before polymer clay,  it was the painting that occupied my time. I did a lot of watercolors, then acrylics and some oil attempts. Essentially still lifes or landscapes. Modern Art? Not too much, until three or four years ago, walking in a wide known french decoration store. There I discover a canvas that left me open-mouthed. The colors, the material the movement, in short I liked everything . So much so that my darling offered it to me for my birthday (yes he’s a darling and I’ll keep him).

This canvas inspired me a bracelet a few years ago and more recently the latest necklace of the collaborative collection with beautiful Olga Nicolas.

Well believe me or not but it happened again. I was searching the net to see new canvases of the said store (which hardly does any more) and so I googled “Modern Art” and landed (smoothly enough) on Pinterest on This painting:

and I fell in love…ouch this time it hurt!

First thought??? What would it look like on pieces of the Elegant Connections? Well here is what it looks like:

I have the impression that I am reconnecting with my youthful loves by painting with polymer, no ?!

Don’t forget that Olga and I offer two courses on the Elegant Connections series in June. Below are two posters with the information. We are impatiently waiting for you.

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