Evolution or revolution?


By nature, we are constantly evolving even though it is often barely perceptible. It reflects in our view of things that is no longer that of our teen age years, in the way we dress, behave, in our work…
It shows up in a desire for a change of visual appearance, of home, of furniture, of people we frequent. And in all this there are the changes that are provoked and those that are undergone.
The brutal stop of CraftArtEdu is one of those that we suffer. But since the news was sad enough, I thought I had to react and make it a positive change. So, pushed by the gentle but so combative Olga and my encouraging husband , I too took the bull by the horns. And if a change was to be made why not start from scratch to make this new place closer to my desires and especially to your expectations?

I changed everything, well almost: the name of the site, its url, its aspect, its functions. But I kept the essential, its memory. You will find there all the articles of the old site but also:

-a picture gallery organized by collections,
-a calendar of my trips,
-a translation for english speaking polymer clayers (and that I will try to update as often as possible),
-and finally a shop in which I will have the pleasure to offer you all my old and future classes.

Of course all this is a huge job of setting up, hours of downloading, and it will take me some time for you to find here what was to be found on CAE.

I hope you’ll enjoy discovering this new site  just as I enjoyed arranging it to make you feel good.

See you soon…


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