Mixed Media

So it’s not that I didn’t work last week, but one of my light bulbs let me down and bad light means bad pictures.

So here is the last necklace I made mixing metal and polymer in purple, and a pair of earrings to match the first necklace made this way.

Then I made little cute mushrooms on two brooches…

I went on with this mixed media idea and added wood. What essence of wood? No idea, I picked this root up several years ago either on the beach or in a river and used it to decorate my table when at a fair. Any way I decided to cut a slice of it just to see what the inside looked like. Surprise…that wood is hard as rock and it took me quite a while to cut it. But I managed and after a whole afternoon of sanding a little oil revealed the pattern! Such a beautiful wood deserved to be enhanced and the association with metal and polymer is magic.

Yesterday, I cut a second slice, sanded it, oiled it, cut out a piece of metal…the idea started to grow in my head…and this morning I added the clay to it. I wanted something very light, like butterfly wings. I dont know if this piece will be a necklace or a brooch, but I’m quite happy with it.

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