Out of the Box

This is a phrase that can be heard regularly. The first time I really wondered what it meant, think “out of the box” ??? What the hell is that ????

And then I realized that  it was a matter of drawing deeply into one’s self. Of expressing, artistically as far as I am concerned, what one often fails to materialize in words. Yes, but it is much easier said than done, because we are too often constrained by our education, the gaze of others, the carcans of society … In short not easy to drop everything, to strip down (artistically of course …) and to let free the emotions, the desires, the inspiration.

It took me 10 years of polymer claying to finally create a piece like this. Some people will be surprised and will wonder which bug has stung me, some people will not like it, others will not understand … But in the end, what matters most is how this project got me Transported by joy. While I knew myself very far from my comfort zone, I was transported with pleasure and I dove in without knowing if the final object could transpose the euphoria of its creation. And just for that pleasure, it was well worth it.

Out of the box 2

I share this moment with you hoping to have managed to express in writing what I felt by creating “Out of the Box.

Out of the box 4

Out of the box 6

Thank you.

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